Young players from Northeast India set the ring on fire at 'Super Fight League'

| Updated: Aug 23, 2017 11:20 IST

By Chandrakala Choudhury New Delhi, [India], Feb. 28 (ANI): A total of eight teams and 96 fighters set the ring on fire as the `Super Fight League` went viral in the national capital with players from different parts of India giving a tough challenge to each other, boasting of their razor body and power of their arms to bash down each other. Super Fight League-- world's first Mixed Martial Arts league held in the Siri Fort Sports Complex --brought to light the combat fighters to the global forefront by serving a platform to promote world's most favorite combat sports i.e the Mixed Martial Arts. And when it comes to sports and kick boxing, the players from Northeast India has already set a benchmark in such sports activities by creating wonders. Now these young players from northeastern province of landlocked state of Mizoram, breaking the barriers apart,came forward to showcase their abilities in mixed martial arts and put the stage on fire by showing some of their best skills in grappling, striking as well as ground and pound skills. After a grueling semi-final match between Goa Pirates and Delhi Heroes, it was once again time for the Goa Pirates to prove themselves and give a tough fight to Bangalore Tigers in the third place match. Players from Mizoram shared their experience before the non-stop fight began. "MMA is a tough game as I have been through many combat games before and there is lack of instructor in Mizoram as it is a secluded area.But we have our instructor Samuel in Bangalore so there is lot of struggle as we have to commute to Bangalore for practice which involves lots of expenses. After all these struggle and hardships, I am here to play", Xico Zorin, a player from the team Goa Pirates said. When asked whether he is going to continue with his passion for this sport, Zorin further added that it is very difficult, especially in his place, because he is not earning enough money for his family and that he is a young guy also. He, however, insisted that his family still respects his passion and support him in whatever way they could before adding that with all the moral supports from his seniors and family, he would continue with MMA. Another inspiring player from the team Bengaluru tigers was 20-year-old C. Lalduama .She said "I have been training in Martial Arts and I was into boxing since 2004 when I was 11-year-old. I played boxing several times and was a national champion for around three times and after that I played Wushu for around three years again and came back to boxing. I am new to MMA and have a long way to go in this but I am good at punching, I am availing rigorous training in this and MMA would help me to develop my punching skills as well as the ground game". "I had played few combat games before but MMA is the highest form, it is not just like fighting in the street.In the cage, we showcase our talent and we become artist there.So, I want to continue developing my skills and want to continue training and fighting," added Lalduama. The league was held over six weeks and after an arduous match, the final saw a thrilling encounter between teams Delhi Heroes and Sher-e-Punjab, where the latter was crowned as champions with 14-12 win over Delhi Heroes.(ANI)