'People trolling Mohammed Shami are wrong, not him', says uncle

| Updated: Jul 20, 2017 22:21 IST

Moradabad (Uttar Pradesh) [India], July 20 (ANI): Indian cricketer Mohammed Shami's uncle on Thursday condemned the social media backlash on Indian seamer for uploading pictures of his daughter's second birthday wherein his wife Hasin Jahan is seen not wearing a hijab, saying that it is the mindset of the people which is wrong and not his nephew. Earlier this week, Shami received a flurry of criticism for posting picture of his daughter Aairah's second birthday celebrations. The Indian pacer was trolled as people stated that his wife had committed a "crime" by not wearing a hijab during the celebrations. The people also claimed that Islam does not allow birthday celebrations. Hitting back over the same, Shami's uncle Badruddin Siddique said that the bowler would have posted the picture after due thinking and that no person have the right to pass such kind of comments. "He has uploaded some pictures. It is his mindset. He must have uploaded the picture after due thinking. He travels around the world. He knows about the world. No person should make any comment about the same," Siddique told ANI. When quizzed about Shami's wife choice to not wear hijab, Siddique asked, "What's wrong in that I don't understand. What's wrong she is wearing? There is nothing wrong with the photo he has posted on Facebook. I don't think it is wrong even according to Shariat, in fact the people talking about it are wrong..The mindset of people are wrong. If they are making such statements then it is wrong." Last year also, Shami posted a picture along with his wife after which he was viciously trolled, with some even abusing him for the outfit of his wife. Shami was reminded of his religion, with some even asking why his wife was not wearing a hijab. (ANI)