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DRS controversy: Steve Waugh backs Steve Smith's 'brain fade' assertion

| Updated: Mar 09, 2017 00:45 IST

New Delhi [India], Mar. 8 (ANI): Former Australian skipper Steve Waugh has backed Steve Smith's 'brain fade' statement following the DRS controversy which took place during the Bengaluru Test on Tuesday. The incident took place in the 21st over of the Australia's second innings on Day Four when Smith was trapped LBW by pacer Umesh Yadav, a delivery that went underground and struck the former just above his left boot in front of middle stump. Having already blown a DRS call, involving David Warner, the Australians were in a fix on whether to seek another for Smith. The Australian skipper first turned to non-striker Peter Handscomb's end to discuss the merit of reviewing umpire Nigel Llong's decision but were quickly denied a referral when the latter spotted both batsmen looking in the direction of the dressing room. "It's a shame we are focussing on one incident. Look, I have to go with Steve Smith when he says it was a brain fade and it wasn't pre-meditated. We have to take him in face value. The good thing about the whole thing was that the umpire stepped in and made the decision straight away," Waugh said at a promotional event in the national capital. "It is a big issue already. A lot of people are talking about it so I think it needs to come to finality pretty quick." He also called on the International Cricket Council (ICC) to make a decision regarding the same. "I mean it is seven or eight days between the test matches, we don't want to be talking about it for the next eight day, so it would be good for someone from ICC level to make a decision on it. Obviously, you are not allowed to do it and I think he will look back on this day; he will be probably embarrassed by this moment. It was a high intensity match, I think both captains were under pressure," he said. (ANI)