Funniest things Test legends saw on cricket field!

| Updated: Dec 14, 2016 18:01 IST

Melbourne [Australia], Dec. 14 (ANI): Cricket is considered to be a gentleman's game---a serious rivalry between 22 men on the field---but every now and there happens an incident which leaves players from both the sides in uncontrollable laughter. A host of former cricket greats were asked about the "funniest thing they ever saw on a cricket field" in a newly-released book 'Test of Character: Confessions of Cricket Legends' and here are some of the best responses which were received--- As reported by, former England off-spinner Graeme Swann revealed, "I think I'll go with a county teammate, after a dodgy prawn the night before, just thinking he'd let some trapped wind go and s***ting his pants. I must admit to chuckling quite hard at that one. It's the way he took it, as well. He just said, 'Oh no, I've s*** my pants', turned around and legged it off the field." Former Australian skipper Ian Chappell recalled the incident which took place at the Sydney Cricket Ground (SCG) in 1974-75. "At the SCG in 1974-75, the hill was absolutely packed and this guy had got up to get some beers for himself and his mates. I just happened to look over at the time and he was walking around with a tray of half a dozen beers but had no idea where his mates were sitting. One of his mates jumped up and waved and said, 'Hey Bill!' and what seemed like 10,000 people - everyone on the hill - jumped up and waved and yelled 'Hey Bill!' It was so spontaneous and so bloody clever." New Zealand great Sir Richard Hadlee recalled, "When someone let the tyres down on the drinks cart while a guy was serving players at Eden Park in the '70s. When he tried to push it back, it didn't move. It held the game up for a few minutes. Stupid ... but funny. Former English captain Alec Stewart recalled the incident when he was run out in a county game. "Involved me in a run out. It was a second XI county game when I was coming back from a hip injury and could hardly run. Phil Tufnell bowled a ball that slipped out of his hand and ended up near mid-wicket. We were half messing about and I went to hit it to the mid-wicket boundary and I somehow managed to get a thick inside edge to a ball that was stationary and hit it straight to square leg. I was halfway down the pitch and hobbling to the other end, but my mate was run out at the other end. He didn't find it as amusing as I." (ANI)