Apple to enable enhanced protection of children

ANI | Updated: Jan 10, 2018 15:21 IST

New York [USA], Jan 10 (ANI): In a bid to help parents monitor their children's usage of an iPhone and other devices, Apple is working on new features and enhancements to be rolled out shortly.

The announcement comes following an open letter written by Apple's, urging the iPhone aggregator to take measures to tackle the "growing public health crisis" of smartphone addiction among youngsters.

"We think deeply about how our products are used and the impact they have on users and the people around them. We take this responsibility very seriously and we are committed to meeting and exceeding our customers' expectations, especially when it comes to protecting kids. We have new features and enhancements planned for the future, to add functionality and make these tools even more robust," The Verge reported sourcing Apple's statement released to The Wall Street Journal.

Highlighting existing parental controls built into iOS, Apple noted that parents could moderate content including apps, websites, movies, songs, and books. The tools can also restrict cellular data, password settings, and other features.

The tech giant further stated that anything children can download or access online can be blocked or restricted with the help of some of the parental controls that have been in place since 2008. (ANI)