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Apple’s new iPhone ad tells ‘bokeh’ is the new word for ignoring

ANI | Updated: Feb 16, 2019 20:18 IST

California [USA], February 16 (ANI): Apple has a history of ads which range from slightly to awkwardly humourous. Its latest ad for the iPhone XR and iPhone XS focuses (or de-focuses) on the custom bokeh effect.
The ad begins with two mothers who are scrolling through the pictures of their sons, and suddenly there comes a picture where one of the two kids is blurred out. This upsets the mother, fueling the question, “Did you bokeh my child?”
The mother who wanted to keep just her own son in focus is forced to explain the power of Depth Control on the new iPhone XR. Both the mother and Apple may not have intended to hurt the second mother’s feelings, but the damage is done.
Apple’s description to the ad on YouTube also stresses how the Depth Control allows you to readjust the bokeh effect on backgrounds before or after you shoot. So you can turn a cute portrait of two kids into a stunning portrait of one kid.
The ad ends with the upset mother saying how she would ‘never bokeh’ the other child.
Bokeh is one of the latest smartphone technologies to bring the power of a DSLR into the compact handheld smartphone. Although the feature guarantees professional-level portraits, it surely does not guarantee parents not ‘bokehing’ others’ kids out. (ANI)