ElectionMate to spice up polls in four states

| Updated: Oct 17, 2016 19:03 IST

Panaji (Goa) [India] (ANI-Newsvoir): Fusing political communication strategies with mobile and web based technology, Goa based technology and ideation start-up Kamysaki is to introduce its first product ElectionMate into the Indian market. The product is to be launched to cater the political communication and new technology demands of political candidates and their voters during the upcoming General Assembly Elections 2017 in Uttar Pradesh, Goa, Punjab and Uttrakhand. Speaking on the ElectionMate product, Myrtle Rodrigues, CEO, KAMYSAKI, expressed, "ElectionMate is a mobile and web-based communication application for political parties and aspiring candidates participating in an electoral process. It is a campaign tool with in-built analytics that will assist political parties and candidates to understand the pattern of the voters response and habits. It will assist them to showcase their manifesto while tracking their campaign strategies popularity. It is a modern-day electronic Chanakya that assist the candidates in communication, strategic propaganda and analysis." Commenting on the Ideation and Technology, Agraj Agranayak, Chief Technology Officer, KAMYSAKI stated, "ElectionMate was conceived with the purpose of addressing a need of political candidates who may or may not be technology savvy in their mobile and web communication campaigns. Through our product we enable the usage of two most powerful tools of communication in today's scenario - mobile and web. With more and more voters being on mobile friendly and online, it is imperative for political aspirants to be available to the potential voter at their fingertips. The voter today is a young and technology savvy voter, they do not have the time to read newspapers or watch TV through the normal channels, and they want it all online and on their mobile." ElectionMate is customised product for a political candidate. Each mobile and web based app will be configured to suit sensibilities of the political candidates, their voter base and their communication strategies. "While the aspiring candidate pays a nominal fee for the use of ElectionMate mobile and web-based products and services; for the voters the mobile application is free, if the aspiring candidate invites you be apart of the ElectionMate product," Rodrigues asserted. Kamysaki is a Goa-based technology and ideation start-up firm owned by Kaydence Media Ventures and its technology collaborator Imagine Works. The product ready for launch in the second week of November. (ANi-Newsvoir)