Bobble Keyboard, Nazar Battu tie-up to provide famous characters to users, in sticker, gif & story format

| Updated: Aug 23, 2017 11:20 IST

New Delhi [India], Apr 10 (ANI): Selfie-based customizable emoji mobile app Bobble on Monday announced that it has partnered with production house - Nazar Battu to make their famous characters a part of Bobble users daily conversation. Characters like Dalveer and Satbeer, Junaid and Bilal who have been hitherto available only through videos will now be available in sticker, gif and story format, exclusively on Bobble Keyboard. Bobble will be creating all content and Bobble and Nazar Battu together will promote these content on all social media platforms. "Since its very inception, Bobble has been providing a platform to individuals, who want to use personal and expressive content to make their conversations more interactive. As a step forward, the company is now looking to partner with well-known YouTube channels in order to develop innovative ways to distribute their content," said founder and MD Bobble, Mohd. Wassem. "The alliance with Nazar Batlu is a step in this direction. Now that Nazar Batlu is live on Youtube live feed, from April 1, 2017, we will be looking to partner with Garbage Bin and a few more. Bobble is a multi-feature app that can make conversations more emotive and personal," added Wassem. As a part of this tie-up with Nazar Batlu, every sticker, gifs and story are mapped to its video. When a user shares such content on WhatsApp, a Youtube link would be shared with the content. On clicking the link, the Youtube video will start to play. This partnership will provide Nazar Battu a rich access to users on WhatsApp. "Nazar Battu Productions always intend to entertain our fans by the content we create and Bobble has made sure that our impression through their app is pretty entertaining too. It is a great way to connect with our viewers through a different platform and the tie-up provides us exactly what we need. It is a new experience for us to see our characters as Bobble is presenting them and we are very excited to see the response from the audience," said co-founder of Nazarbattu Productions, Ameen Khan. Bobble has partnered with various companies like Baidu, Apple Inc for its iMessage app, Foxconn, and Indus OS, etc. Furthermore, the customized emoji mobile app has previously worked with brands like Zomato, Tinder, and YourStory, which have promoted Bobble on their exclusive websites, apps, and social media pages. (ANI)