Pinwi upgrades its parenting app, introduces Pinwi 2.0

| Updated: Aug 23, 2017 11:20 IST

New Delhi [India], Apr 27 (ANI): The data-driven app for child development and parenting, Pinwi (Play-Interest-Wise) on Thursday introduced a new version 2.0 for both on iOS and Android platforms. The new version allows parents a sneak peek of the app for free and once they have experienced benefits of the app in helping them make smarter and informed choices for their children, they can subscribe to the full version. Pinwi 2.0 has been developed with an easy and intuitive interface. Both parents and children have a role to play and therefore have a separate interface within the app. Parents use the app to schedule and plan activities for their children. Children rate all the activities they do, make a wishlist of activities they want to do and create posts about activities they enjoyed doing. Once children enter the minimum critical data required for analysis, the app generates an insight report that maps children's interests across 17 factors along with the activity recommendations based on this report. Parents can use these recommendations to plan and explore new activities, which they again schedule on Pinwi for children to rate. The exclusivity of the app lies in the fact that it does not only take into consideration what the parent perceives of their child's interests, but also the first-hand account of how the child feels of every activity he or she undertakes. The newly introduced feature of the Interest Mapping Model is a limited analysis of the child's interest. This version can be re-used any number of times by a parent for their children, every time they feel the set of activities the children are involved in have changed. When a parent user decides to buy the full version of the app, it will make available to them in-depth analysis of children's interests based on consistently collected data over a period of time and will also show patterns of interest/activities enjoyed by their child. Existing paid users will be prompted to input their ID and password and will be automatically credited with the premium version of the app. "With Pinwi 2.0 version, we intend to expand the community of parents who are able to access our data driven platform to understand their children's interest better. Children stay interested in things that make them happy and parents are hard pressed to determine what these are. Pinwi assists parents in raising happier more fulfilled children by helping them make choices focused on their children's interests," said Rachna Khanna, Founder and Chief Executive and Innovations Officer, Pinwi. Pinwi raised an angel round of funding in October 2016 and has been recognised as the 'Upcoming Startup of the Year' by ASSOCHAM Chandigarh at the Start-up Summit and Tech Awards 2016. (ANI)