Google announces plans to upgrade two-factor authentication tool

ANI | Updated: Sep 30, 2017 17:02 IST

New York [USA], Sept 30 (ANI): Amid rising cybercrimes and malware attacks by third-party sources, US-based tech MNC Google has announced that it may replace its two-factor authentication tool in order to protect high-profile users from 'politically motivated' cyber attacks.

The new feature, reportedly termed as Advanced Protection Program, is scheduled for a launch in October.

It will replace the standard authentication process for services like Gmail and Google Drive with physical USB security keys.

The service would also restrict third-party apps and services that could connect to a user's Google account, the Verge quoted a Bloomberg report.

Targeted particularly at account owners with a political, corporate or executive background, Google aims to help protect these individuals from premeditated attacks.

The new physical security keys will require users to keep them plugged in to access the additional security controls, thereby making it more difficult to remotely gain control of someone's Gmail or Google Drive account. (ANI)