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AI-backed features to empower technological advancements in 2018

ANI | Updated: Jan 04, 2018 15:14 IST

New Delhi [India], Jan 4 (ANI): Following up trends from 2017, Artificial Intelligence is expected to be the face of technological advancement in 2018 as well.

With AI-backed home gadgets, machine learning, automated chatbots and augmented reality at the center of focus, the New Year kicks in, user-friendly smart home gadgets like Amazon Echo and Google Home are expected to play a significant role.

Algorithms and AI are capable of making daily tasks easier and better. Besides this, augmented reality and chatbots have revolutionised the customer experience by providing personalisation that meets their expectations and experience.

Here are top five Artificial Intelligence expectations and predictions for 2018, as per Ram Punamaraju, CEO of Yitsol technologies, technology solution provider:

-Cyber security is anticipated to become more intelligent with the help of AI. There will be intelligent cyber security applications that will not only learn from the patterns of previous issues, but also have the inbuilt technology to fix any security vulnerabilities. Machine learning and AI are being used to collect data and storage. The data can process and analyse everything to understand new trends and details. For cyber security, new exploits and weaknesses that can be quickly identified and analysed to avoid further attacks. They get alerts when there is a threat or when an action is needed.

-AI-based wearable devices in the form of watches, footwear, chest straps will help learn users' emotional patterns from daily and physical activity. Also, machine learning is expected to approach medical diagnostics. They are sensor based accessories that send and alerts to the users on how many steps they have taken in a day, when is the time to sleep and eat or drink. These wearable devices are expected to grow in 2018 and will add to the data available to manage patient's health like heart rate, blood pressure and blood sugar levels. It will help in the prevention and maintenance of one's life than to completely rely on treatments.

-Data Analytics would be heavily impacted by AI. Current advanced analytics solutions will continue to transform into AI solutions using machine learning and deep learning. Statistical models used for forecasting would be replaced by advanced analytics solutions based on machine learning. Very soon, machine learning would be used in medical diagnostics resulting good preliminary diagnosis directly from the machine. It will build security by giving one predictive insight to stop threats before they become an issue. This is a cost-effective approach in terms of resources and is also helpful for the business in the long term. When each threat is analysed by the machine, it learns and improves it in order to protect organisations use the data for use in predictive analytics.

-AI-based solutions will help cities to know the hotspots and patterns for pollution prediction and evaluation of the smart city infrastructure from that perspective. In order to create a smart city and community, sensors gather data to monitor everything from the noise level, traffic flow and the density of population in real time. This information or data can help in city planning that will be more effective and efficient resulting in more revenues.

-AI would enable real-time pricing for stock markets, fashion website, giving a pricing based on factors like new limited edition designs, purchase patterns and competition. There is a price engine that monitors competition's price in real-time. It then categorises them and compares them to the similar products. This depends on a wide range of attributes selected and optimises prices.

With the aforementioned predictions, the advancement in machine learning algorithms is expected to further improve individual's life and businesses in the coming years. (ANI)