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This tool will tell you which NASA technology you use every day

ANI | Updated: Sep 24, 2018 13:21 IST

Washington [United States], September 24 (ANI): We Earthlings might feel the technology NASA uses is only for those flying in the space and exploring other planets. However, through a new interactive tool, the space agency wants to showcase how the complex researches done for space missions are also powering some of the most mundane things around us.
Called NASA Home and City, the interactive tool shows how the work of NASA scientists affects your daily life.
In the City section, you will learn about pilot stress tests which are based on NASA's simulator training system to keep pilots attentive. Other areas where NASA technology has helped the city include landmine removal, anthrax detectors, fire suits, and more.
In the Home section, you learn about the infrared ear thermometer, skin creams, carpet cleaners, water softeners, and more of such products based on NASA technology. (ANI)