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Twitter testing new 'vibe check' feature

ANI | Updated: Oct 07, 2021 22:54 IST

Washington [US], October 7 (ANI): Ever want to know the vibe of a conversation before you join in? The social media giant Twitter will tell you how through its recently announced 'vibe check' test.
As per Mashable India, Twitter rolled out a limited test on Wednesday to iOS and Android users. The new feature prompts, according to one example provided by the company, will appear below certain tweets and warn any user considering diving into the replies.
"Ever want to know the vibe of a conversation before you join in? We're testing prompts on Android and iOS that give you a heads up if the convo you're about to enter could get heated or intense," shared the company in a tweet announcing the test.

The prompts appear like "Heads up", "Conversations like this can be intense," as per the examples provided by the micro-blogging social media platform.
The test comes as the latest effort from Twitter in a long line of tweaks aimed at improving 'conversational health' that is healthy conversations on the platform.
As per Mashable India, it follows various Twitter conversation health initiatives -- some deemed more successful than others -- such as the ability to limit replies, so-called humanisation prompts, and quote-tweet prompts.
The company told Mashable India that the example it provided is the only one currently being tested and that while the experiment is small, there will be more (presumably) like it.
The Twitter users have already started responding to the announced vibe check. (ANI)