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LGBTQ creators sue YouTube over alleged discrimination

ANI | Updated: Aug 15, 2019 00:39 IST

California [USA], August 15 (ANI): A group of LGBTQ creators is reportedly filing a lawsuit against YouTube for allegedly discriminating by suppressing recommendations and making it difficult to earn ad revenue.
As The Verge reports, the lawsuit alleges that the Google-owned service uses unlawful practices that block and financially harms the LGBT creators making community-focused videos that include words such as "gay", "bisexual", or "transgender" in the title.
It further states that YouTube's regulation of speech has resulted in top quality and protected LGBTQ+ content getting restricted while homophobic are free to post obscene content. YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki recently made a statement that the service does not automatically demonetise LGBTQ content based on certain words placed in the title. (ANI)