DocsApp rolls out services through Hindi interface

ANI | Updated: Dec 28, 2017 13:23 IST

New Delhi [India], Dec 28 (ANI): In its bid to offer quality medical consultation across geographical locations, DocsApp, a chat-based healthcare platform announced launch of Hindi interface through which users can make Hindi the default language on the app.

With this new feature, DocsApp aims to reach out to more users, especially those residing in tier III cities and help them avail its services with ease, in a language they are most comfortable with.

Forty percent of the total users who avail DocsApp's services reside in remote places and outside tier III cities.

The users in remote parts of the country find it extremely difficult to read English, they are unable to utilise all the services of the app as they can't read or write in English. DocsApp has focussed on all those areas, where people don't read or write in English in order to enable them to access its services.

Through the new feature, DocsApp aims to overcome the language barrier and offer customers' unparalleled healthcare services.

"Although patients can talk to doctors in 17 languages; users in tier III cities and other remote areas we were facing difficulties in using the app as the interface is in English. We understood the problem and created a solution, ergo the hindi app. With a vision of facilitating as many Indians as possible, we have decided to roll out an option, where customers will have a completely seamless user experience in the Hindi language and get quick query resolution for their healthcare needs in a language they are best versed with," said Satish Kannan, CEO and co-founder, DocsApp.

"Hindi is a widely spoken language in the country and a majority of our users are comfortable conversing in Hindi over English. Therefore, we aim to provide a Hindi interface as well as facilitate all consultations and conduct communications in Hindi, and later to expand to other languages," he added.

The app is available, both, in Hindi and English and users have the option of availing consultation in 17 different Indian languages.

Plans are also underway for DocsApp to introduce other regional languages soon on its platform.(ANI)