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Astro Dose

Gem Selections launches AI enabled Astro Dose for astrological analysis

ANI | Updated: Aug 07, 2018 13:16 IST

New Delhi [India], Aug 7 (ANI): Government approved gemstone brand Gem Selections on Tuesday announced the launch of their tech enabled/AI-powered software Gem SelectionsAstro Dose to simplify astrological vows.
Backed by modern designs, detailed personal analytics of one's birth chart, and horoscopes all powered by technology, Gem SelectionsAstro Dose will change the way people interact with the natal chart.
The powerful natural language software, which uses AI/tech combined with methods of ancient astrology to provide in-depth insights into one's personality, will work around analyzing the effects of different planets, dashas, dosha of compatibility.
Astro Dose will not only provide horoscope analysis, but will also share remedies to reduce/overcome the ill effects caused due to planetary movement along with other services like gemstone recommendation, numerology, panchang, match making etc.
"We are delighted to launch this new software that will answer all the astrological queries with just a click. In this time of uncertainty people often resort to cosmos or astrologers for answers but often get confused. Moreover, people are not sure whom to approach or are hesitant to reach out or at times are not aware what to do with the information and where to find the solution," said Astrologer and Founder & M.D of Khanna Gems Private Ltd., Pankaj Khanna.
"Realizing the same we thought of building a software that not only gives precise astrological analysis but also help them with remedies along with other services at the comfort of home," added Khanna.
When it comes to horoscopes most people predict or evaluate using their sun sign only. But they often forget that there are actually 12 houses of the zodiac, all of which represent a different part of life depending on the precise birth time. Astro dose considers how different zodiac houses affect your horoscope based on the birth chart and shares with you in a click.
He added that Astrology is an ancient art and figuring out how to translate it into a computational model was an interesting challenge.
"But thanks to the efforts of our dedicated technology team which invested lot of time on researching and gaining knowledge of Vedic Astrology and further combining it with modern day sciences like AI and machine learning while developing Astro dose," he said. (ANI)