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Here are some AI platforms to help millennial's for stress-free daily life

ANI | Updated: Sep 08, 2018 14:05 IST

New Delhi [India], Sep 8 (ANI): Millennial, a generation that is known to be racing against time hasn't shied away from finding some solace in technology to help ease out their lives.
In fact, the tech-savvy demographic has found a good and reliable assistant in one of the ground-breaking tech innovations of the present generation, artificial intelligence.
To the same end, several Indian companies are leveraging the best of AI to take away the stress from a millennial's life. Let's discover these four brands making a millennial's life easier with AI:
Lukout app offers shoppers highly personalized and proximity-based engaging content in terms of latest looks, latest trends, and real-time location-based offers, helping them get the most out of their offline shopping experience. Furthermore, it makes a shopper's life easier by providing conveniences like one-touch parking payment, one-touch valet, one-touch concierge along with having its own social network for millions of consumers.
The app will take you to the e-commerce platforms selling the same, with different prices. It also aggregates the latest fashion trends, after analysing the buzz in social media and help with fashion discovery from YouTube videos. When looking for the same outfit as your celebrity is wearing in a music video, this is your go-to app!
CoinTribe helps them with the same by utilizing machine learning to improve reading scanned statements for analytics. The platform is at the verge of having sufficient data for incorporating Machine Learning Feedback in Credit Assessment, thus making the entire process unbiased, quick, and effective.
FastFox, a home rentals tech company that leverages AI to help relieve the stress from house hunting. It has created the largest database of rental properties (40% of the city's houses) and analyses about 108 parameters via its proprietary algorithm to suggest the most appropriate matches to property seekers. (ANI)