Saree Emoji by Emojipedia, Image Courtesy: Twitter
Saree Emoji by Emojipedia, Image Courtesy: Twitter

On World Emoji Day, say hello to new saree emoji

ANI | Updated: Jul 17, 2019 17:59 IST

New Delhi (India), July 17 (ANI): On the occasion of World Emoji Day what can be a better gift than a new quirky emoji at your service.
To mark the annual emoji celebration, both iOS and Android announced a new saree emoji that is coming to their respective keyboards very soon.
Emojipedia blog post, an official handle dedicated to emojis, revealed that saree emoji in the clothing items is arriving in a software update in the coming months.
Other than saree, safety vest, one-piece swimsuit, banjo, person parachuting, and a kite will also be available in the clothing section.
Also, Guide Dog, Flamingo, Otter, Waffle, Sloth, Mate, Yawning Face, Pinching Hand, new mixed skin tones for people holding hands, kneeling person, Manual wheelchair, Motorized Wheelchair, Ear with hearing aid, etc will also glam up your mobile.
Over the years there had been several updates and additions for emojis. One of the most popular updates among them was emoji characters with adapted skin tones. These were used positively, a study of Twitter posts has shown.
According to CNN, the little digital icons that we call emojis are available in more than 3000 varieties, offering something close for everyone. No wonder the current generation is obsessed with these. (ANI)