Popular short news apps to keep you updated

ANI | Updated: Nov 04, 2017 10:03 IST

New Delhi [India], November 4 (ANI): In the global contemporary world, getting news is not a problem, but reading it is.

There are so many sources of information that keeping track of all of them is quite a task. One could read close to 100 articles a day and still feel that they have missed out on something.

This is one of the reasons as to why short-news apps have been gaining popularity. These crisp apps specialise in delivering news, but unlike the popular Flipboard and LinkedIn Pulse, they deliver information in tiny, digestible morsels.

Have a look at the most popular short news apps in India:


Available on: Android, iOS

Way2Online is the perfect app for those who want India-centric news summarized in Indian languages. It claims to pick the most relevant news from local newspapers and other media sources and then presents it in about 400 characters. Tapping on a headline takes one to the complete story in the original source.

Their news items are typically a large picture with the text beneath, and generally everything is made available on one screen so that users do not have to scroll down the entire page. One can also share news across social networks and via email.


Available on: iOS

Clipped proclaims to be 'an intelligent news reader'. It summarises the news into bullet points, which are well written.

Important numbers mentioned in the news article are highlighted, and even relevant locations are marked clearly on maps, wherever applicable. The emphasis is more on information than images.

Yahoo! News Digest

Available on: iOS, Android

Yahoo! News Digest delivers news, with each item skilfully summarised with information from various sources. There are generally 7-10 news stories in a digest. The app also tells one how many stories they have read and how many are pending, and one can ask for more stories within the app itself.

Yahoo! News Digest is a bit like the newspaper, delivered to one's phone with minimum fuss.


Available on: Android

Newsd, unlike most news apps allows one to set their favourite categories. What shows up on the timeline of the users is thus relevant information which the algorithms throw up. The app also lets one follow updates on particular stories.

The Newsd app is populated by a team of editors, who summarise the biggest news stories regularly, thereby feeding to the general intuitiveness of their customer base.


Available on: iOS, Android

InkaBinka claims to get one the latest news that they can read in a couple of minutes. The information is delivered under different topics, with the articles spanning to just three-four main points.

One can also opt to read the longer version of the story and share the news with friends on social networks and messengers. The app, however, does have a tendency to highlight US-centric news. (ANI)