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Spotify reconsidering block artiste feature

ANI | Updated: Jan 22, 2019 19:11 IST

Stockholm [Sweden], January 22 (ANI): It seems the idea Spotify dismissed in 2017 is about to see a fresh start. Two years ago, Spotify decided not to offer a feature that would allow users to block, hide, or mute artistes or tracks.
However, the feature appears to be quietly under testing on the beta version on iOS. According to who first spotted the feature, the block button allows one to block music from an artiste on automatically curated playlists as well as global charts.
It is not clear when the block button will be widely rolled out, but when rolled out, Spotify will let you block music from any artiste you don’t like throughout the app. To listen to a song from a blocked artiste, you will have to unblock the artiste first.
The feature is accessible from the menu on an artiste’s page. You can click on ‘Don’t play this artist’ to stop playing music from that artiste. (ANI)