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WhatsApp limits message forwarding worldwide to curb hoaxes, rumours

ANI | Updated: Jan 22, 2019 19:53 IST

California [USA], January 22 (ANI): After limiting the number of times you can forward a message in India, WhatsApp is reportedly spreading the policy to include other countries as well.
WhatsApp has announced that it is lowering the forwarding limit worldwide from 20 people or groups to just five users. The update placing the limit on the forwards begins to roll out this week, starting with Android users and then moving to iOS users, Engadget reported.
Indian users were the first to face the restriction on forwarding as part of an effort by the company to curb hoaxes and rumours that could lead to violence.
With over 1.5 billion users, WhatsApp has turned out to become one of the prime sources of information, as well as misinformation, for many. The Facebook-owned company is thus looking at ways to stop the spread of false information without compromising privacy. (ANI)