Amid gloom in IT sector, ATCS expands India operations

| Updated: Jul 11, 2017 22:51 IST

New Delhi [India], July 11 (ANI): At a time, when IT companies are laying off employees, ATCS, a multinational business consulting firm has not only expanded its operations in India, is recruiting new staff and has set up its first Innovation Lab here too. Advanced Technology Consulting Service (ATCS), one of the leading providers of IT services to automotive and health sector is based out of New Jersey, USA and has offices in China, Germany and Canada, along with India. It provides strategic guidance to and implements software solutions for several Fortune 500 companies. ATCS has opened a new office in Bengaluru, other than its offices in Jaipur and Mumbai to take advantage of bigger pool of talent in Silicon city of India. Its biggest operations in the country are in Jaipur, which is also the city chosen by ATCS to come up with its Innovation Lab. The new I-Lab would be used to find innovative and faster solutions to its global clients and foster an environment of inventiveness for its young engineers. "The I- Lab not only serves as a functional space for approaching ideas and concepts in an alternative setting, it embeds a spirit in our team that ATCS is expected to think differently, creating solutions beyond one's peripheral views," said partner at ATCS, Jason Castellani. The ATCS I-Lab would soon put the Pink City at par with IT hubs of the country. Brain storming sessions are held here to solve challenges faced by its global clients in unique ways. "As an agile, innovative company, we give immense importance to solution creation for our customers. Now we have developed a space for our staff, which can stimulate creative thinking among them," said global CEO, Manish Krishnan. The setting up of I- Lab has had a positive impact upon the company's prestigious luxury automotive manufacturer clients in Europe, as Sven Sommerfeld, Principal Consultant and Head of ATCS Germany shares, "For our customers, innovation is a big drive. Having such a lab in our India office helps us in delivering more inventive ideas to our clients," said Manish Krishnan. Buoyed by the positive outcome of the I-Lab in Jaipur, ATCS plans to see similar labs come up in all its offices located in different countries. Sommerfeld thinks having such a Lab is one of the keys for company's future success in Germany. "Inviting customers over to experience it will help our brand being seen as a young, dynamic and innovative company," he told. The ATCS I-Lab enhances the company's innovation capabilities.Tushar Patil, Partner at ATCS elaborates, "We already have a highly innovative culture. The I-Lab offers a physical space to take it even further. Increasingly, our clients see us as strategic partners, which means our job is not to merely be outsourcing providers but instead to guide them to the most advanced solutions." Tushar Patil adds, "We are investing heavily in Jaipur with the best infrastructure for the employees to maximize their talent. As other companies follow suit, Jaipur would have an improved innovation ecosystem, which would be advantageous for all." Esha Chowdhary, Global Head, Human Resources is upbeat about the I-Lab, "With this, the young aspirants have the opportunity to work with cutting edge technology at an innovative company with global presence." ATCS, a global player, provides highly specialized technology and business solutions to the world's best known automotive brands. The company also has cutting edge social media services as well as robust staffing solutions. (ANI)