Google Doodle celebrates India's Republic Day

| Updated: Jan 26, 2017 14:23 IST

New Delhi (India)Jan.26 (ANI): Google has always got a unique way of reminding people which special day we are witnessing and this time it has marked India's 68th Republic Day with a tri-colour doodle. This doodle, unveiled at midnight, is showing people, lined up in a stadium, according to the colours of the Indian flag. This comes as a mark of respect to the date, when our Constitution came into effect. Google took to its blog to explain the significance of the doodle, "Today is India's Republic Day, commemorating 65 years of independence from British rule. While the country gained its freedom in August 1947, it wasn't until January 26, 1950 that the Indian Constitution was signed into law, making India a republic under Purna Swaraj, or complete self-rule." "The day is celebrated with music and parades in the state capitols and a grand parade along the Rajpath in New Delhi. It is also on this day that the president addresses the nation and awards medals of achievement and bravery to military personnel, citizens, and children for acts of valour performed for India," it wrote.(ANI)