Google Play to demote faulty Android apps with low ranking

| Updated: Aug 04, 2017 21:14 IST

New York [USA], August 4 (ANI): Aiming to provide the best apps to its users, Google announced its decision to demote bad apps in its search rankings by incorporating app quality signals in its ranking algorithms. In other words, when a user searched for an app on Play Store, those apps with a host of negative reviews or a history of bad performance will not feature on the list, which will further result in a drop in its ratings. The move comes as part of Google's initiative to promote high-quality apps on its portal, according to The Verge. Earlier, the tech giant announced that faulty apps will be identified using Machine Learning technique, apart from creating a program called 'Android Excellence', which will segregate the apps that function well. As the general perception goes, apps on the iOS platform function better than those on Android. To counter this, Google, using its Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning is looking to persuade developers to enable apps with seamless functioning. However, it is unclear whether developers will be notified of the downfall in its ranking. (ANI)