A workshop on cyber crimes

ANI | Updated: Sep 15, 2017 21:45 IST

New Delhi [India], Sep 15 (ANI): To spread awareness against the cyber crimes, the Quantum Global Campus Dehradun recently organised a detailed workshop.

Ashok Tiwari, SHO, Cybercrime unit Dehradun, said that India is an important landmark in the digital world, thus, the people must be aware of the cyber-crime related issues and the people must be educated for safety and protection.

Smartphones and computers have become lifeline in day to day affairs. These devises store personal and confidential data and hence, proper security is required so that the data is not misused by any unwarranted hands.

Referring to frequent ATM-related frauds, he said that people are being conned almost every day because of unprotected data or by sharing password. The password or personal information must not be shared with any unknown or unauthorised person.

Sub-inspector Ved Thapiyal and IT expert Sri Sudesh were also present in the workshop.

Explaining the influence and extent of social media, Sudesh said that its misuse is equally dangerous. A single photo can go viral in seconds so it is advised to be most careful while sharing something on social media.

Ajay Goel, the Chairman of the Quantum and Secretary Shobhit Goel also emphasised on the nuances of the cyber-crime.

Concluding the workshop, the Director of Quantum, Dr Gulshan Chauhan thanked the Chaiman and Secretary for organising symposium on such a serious and important issue. He also thanked the key speakers and the other dignitaries for their presence. (ANI)