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Amazon will no longer sell Dash Buttons

ANI | Updated: Mar 01, 2019 19:52 IST

California [USA], March 01 (ANI): One of the quirkiest early IoT gadgets, Amazon’s Dash Buttons, will no longer be sold thanks to the coming of more sophisticated smart home appliances.
The five-dollar physical button allowed users to reorder things such as dog food, detergent, bottled water, and so on, by pressing the button. However, the relevance of such a device has faded out in an era when smart printers are able to re-order their own ink.
As Cnet reports, although Amazon has decided to stop selling the gadgets globally, it will continue supporting new orders through existing Dash buttons so long as people keep using them.
The idea behind introducing the Dash buttons back in 2015 was to add a touch of smart to the otherwise mundane tasks such as replenishing the detergent or pet food stock.
The Dash button may have died of its own success, but it is considered to have succeeded in its core mission of encouraging development of modern-era smart home gadgets that are even voice-enabled. (ANI)