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Apple might launch iPad Pro next year with wireless charging support

ANI | Updated: Jun 06, 2021 17:48 IST

Washington [US], June 6 (ANI): According to reports, a new Apple iPad Pro with wireless charging support is currently in the works and the release of the updated tablet is set to be next year.
Currently, the iPad Pro models have an aluminum enclosure. But, according to Mashable, in order to implement the wireless charging technology, Apple is switching to a glass back instead.
Apple is also reportedly testing MagSafe for the iPad Pro. Every iPhone 12 comes with an array of magnets around the charging coils, allowing you to "clip" the phone into a MagSafe charger. It is possible the iPad Pro will include similar magnets underneath the glass back.
Reportedly, wirelessly charging the tablet will most likely take longer than plugging it in. Apple still plans on incorporating a Thunderbolt port, so you will have the option to use a standard charging cable.

In addition to MagSafe, as per reports, Apple is also testing reverse wireless charging. That way, users would be able to use the back of the iPad Pro to charge other devices, like their iPhone or AirPods.
Speaking of charging multiple devices at once, a source reported to a news outlet that Apple still hasn't given up on AirPower, the charging mat that Apple canceled back in 2017 before even launching it.
In addition to the new iPad Pro, Apple is also reportedly working on a redesigned iPad mini and a new slimmer entry-level iPad, both of which are set to launch later this year.
Rumors of a new iPad mini first began circulating ahead of Apple's hardware event in April. However, the only iPad announced was the 2021 iPad Pro with an M1 chip.
Considering the iPad mini has not received a refresh since 2019, a new one is a bit overdue. As per Mashable, reports tell that this time around the iPad mini will include slimmer bezels and no Home button. (ANI)