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Apple's new iPad Pro ad insists it is a computer

ANI | Updated: Nov 20, 2018 14:39 IST

California [United States], November 20 (ANI): Apple sure put a lot of thought behind making its new iPad Pro a device of desire will all the aesthetics in place and power at the core. Now, the company wants you to replace your existing computer, however sturdy, with the handheld tablet.
In its newly released ad on YouTube, Apple lists 5 reasons why the iPad Pro can be your next computer. The list glorifies the powerful core that allows you to carry out heavy tasks including gaming and graphics, the upgraded Apple Pencil, LTE support, and so on.
While it is no denying that the iPad Pro does offer a lot of power for everyday tasks with its A12X processor, is it really a reliable or durable machine? May be not. In a recent teardown by YouTuber JerryRigEverything, the tablet folded like a piece of paper in the very first attempt of bending. Plus, the iPad Pro still does not allow you to use external storage over the Type-C, something an otherwise 'ordinary' laptop would permit. (ANI)