ZenBeam Latte (Image courtesy: YouTube)
ZenBeam Latte (Image courtesy: YouTube)

Asus announces 'ZenBeam Latte' movie projector

ANI | Updated: Jan 14, 2021 14:51 IST

Taipei [Taiwan], January 14 (ANI): Asus has announced its new ZenBeam Latte at CES 2021. The device is a mobile movie projector that looks like a one-eyed, fabric-covered mini-robot of sorts.
According to The Verge, ZenBeam Latte fires out its 720p image using up to 300 lumens of LED light, and it has an integrated 10W Harman Kardon-tuned speaker system to boot.
Asus insisted that its projector looks like a coffee cup.

However, it's not the right shape, as the 'homey' coffee cup (Asus' word) grey instead of a glorious brown. The company also claims it is "the first projector to offer a fabric exterior," which is not correct either, reported The Verge.
The device, however, can wirelessly project a user's phone or an HDMI device.
As per The Verge, Asus quoted three hours from a 6,000mAh battery - and gets bright enough to create a decent-sized screen.
Asus said this one can produce a 40-inch picture when placed one meter from the wall, 80 inches at two meters, and a maximum of 120 inches (presumably at three meters). Though, the users should not expect a 300-lumen projector to be very bright at nine feet away.
Asus said it's coming to the US in the second quarter of the year, however, the price remains unquoted. (ANI)