Bobble Keyboard crosses 1.5 million daily active users

ANI | Updated: Dec 07, 2017 15:54 IST

New Delhi [India], Dec 7 (ANI): Bobble Keyboard has proudly announced achieving a milestone by crossing 1.5 million daily active users (DAUs), thus maintaining pace to hit two million DAUs by early 2018.

The product has been on a steep growth curve, having doubled its DAUs over just the past three months. This makes it one of the top products, not only in India, but across the globe as well.

However, it is notable that Bobble Keyboard has been the highest rated Android app in India at this scale for over 12 months now. On a scale of five, it is rated 4.6 on Google Play.

More than 80 percent of its growth has been contributed by organic channels. This is largely due to making content more relevant, increasing the variety of content, lowering the friction of sharing, the growth of captive channels like OEMs, and most importantly, by understanding user behavior.

Bobble is also the most popular keyboard from India, supporting English and 22 Indic languages. Within six months of launching Indic support, it has already captured five percent of the overall market. Its NPS (Net Promoter Score) is ~50 which places it among the 'excellent' category of products.

"It is a significant milestone for us at Bobble to achieve more than one million DAUs. We have reached this milestone by keeping intact our culture of frugality and efficiency," said co-founder and MD Bobble, Mohd. Wassem.

"This space is heating up with almost all tech majors are invested in input methods. In the Eastern hemisphere, Tencent invested in Sogou, a Chinese Keyboard with 500 million users. In 2017, Sogou's valuation was reported to be USD five billion. Baidu has been aggressive with Facemoji (15 percent market share in China) and Simeji (Japan's #1 keyboard). In the West, there is Google's active development of Gboard and Microsoft's acquisition of SwiftKey. Kika Tech, a third party keyboard app has raised USD 150M to capture the market in the US," added Mohd. Wassem.

Regarding the growth and future perspective of Bobble, Wassem added that despite such keen interest from a variety of global giants, there is no clear winner in input method.

"We expect Bobble to compete aggressively; with our differentiated product - personalization of content in real time, shareable seamlessly during all kinds of mobile conversations - we have the potential to be globally dominant," he said. (ANI)