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Brain implants help the paralyzed turn thoughts into text

ANI | Updated: Nov 24, 2018 11:58 IST

California [United States], November 24 (ANI): Researchers have devised a way that could have a major impact on the lives of people who are paralyzed neck down. A new electrode array system called BrainGate2 allows those with neurologic disease or injury communicate through unmodified computer tablets.
The system uses an array of micro-electrodes which are implanted into the brain which decode the neural signals associated with the intention to move a limb, Engadget reported.
Three people paralyzed from the neck down have been able to use the unmodified tablets to text friends, browse the internet and stream music with BrainGate2. The system identifies the intentions of the person to move a virtual mouse that is wirelessly paired to the tablet.
While brain-computer interface technology has existed for a few years now, BrainGate2 allows users to navigate a completely original device, which is unmodified and has no special features, making regular off-the-shelf devices of use to the paralyzed people. (ANI)