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Dentist just made a game in MS Paint

ANI | Updated: Sep 20, 2019 22:42 IST

Warsaw [Poland], September 20 (ANI): What happens when you give a dentist too much of free time? He designs a terrifying game using our favourite MS Paint.
'World of Horror' is designed by part-time dentist Pawel Kozminski. It plays out in five short stories set in a seaside Japanese village in the 1980s whose residents are falling into mass madness while eldritch monsters rise from the seas, Engadget reports.
Players have to investigate and complete all five segments by fighting the monsters. The entire game is presented in 1-bit black-and-white scenes, adding to the terrifying stories, yet simulating the comic book-feel. 'World of Horror' is due to hit PlayStation 4, Switch, and Steam sometime this year. (ANI)