Make money through these apps
Make money through these apps

Earning money is just a click away

ANI | Updated: May 05, 2018 18:19 IST

New Delhi [India], May 05 (ANI): Millennials often kill their time by browsing through their smartphone, playing games, and catching up on social media. While these activities help them to stay busy, but they can't pad their wallet.
There are some apps that will not only keep one entertained but also help them to make a living. One just needs to make sure that they showcase their talent in the right manner.
People can upload their pictures or videos on these platforms while dancing, singing, mimicking, and travelling. Here is a list: - It is a live broadcasting and streaming platform that allows users to communicate with each other and social media influencers 'live'. People can upload their videos and not only gain fans but make a living here. The app allows fans to send virtual gifts to their idols which one can easily redeem via PayPal.
Youtube - This is a popular video sharing app which allows people to upload their videos and view, rate, share, report or comment on other videos. On the basis of the videos uploaded, one can gain followers and get feedback from them through likes, dislikes and comments. Once their channel/s is popular, one can start earning through the advertisements in their videos.
Instagram - It is a visual platform that lets one upload pictures and videos using digital filters. One can showcase their art, dance to millions of people using the platform. As the account gets popular, one can start earning by associating with different brands and posting about them.
Facebook - This social media platform accessed by almost everyone today does not only help people to stay connected but lets them earn, as well. One can create a page and gain millions of followers across the world and earn by collaborating with brands or acting as an indirect advertisement space for them. (ANI)