Five technology startups to watch out for in 2018

ANI | Updated: Dec 24, 2017 20:43 IST

New Delhi [India], Dec 24 (ANI): With over 5,000 start-ups in the country, and more and more innovative businesses coming to the forefront every day, one thing is certain, that technology startups will be the pathway to the future.

Given below is a list of five innovative start-ups which will disrupt the industry in 2018:

1. Coinome

Around 2009, when the world was waking up to the concept of Bitcoins, few gutsy entrepreneurs had already taken the plunge. Coinome is one such startup.

A subsidiary of Billdesk, Coinome facilitates simple on-boarding with an instant e-KYC and enables users to instantly start transacting in their preferred crypto-currency.

It supports crypto-currency transactions round the clock, allowing instant free deposits using payment gateway and instant free withdrawals, not hindered by approval delays or holidays or banking hours.

2. ePayLater

A digital payment platform, ePayLater follows a 'Buy now, Pay later' approach. It is a new-age digital solution majorly focussing on frequent online purchasers with a credit term of 14 days.

ePayLater combines the best of convenience and ease in payment methods to make credit available at both online and offline point-of-sale. The startup uses a unique Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning algorithm that continuously learns from the online presence, social behaviour and buying patterns across different shopping merchants of its customers. Based on the selected data, the start-up creates credit worth of the customer.

ePayLater is also creating a new credit database for its customers, who do not have a decent CIBIL score and fail to get a credit card or loans.

3. Happy Loans

One of the most innovative loan facilitators, Happy Loans offers its customers a truly 'happy' banking and loan processing experience using AI. The company processes not only real time data to check the credit worth of a merchant, but also indirect variables such as location, nature of business, lean and peak season.

The entire model is based on a merchant's daily repayment trend. AI helps to analyse a merchant's periodic repayment and rewards/punishes his credit worth accordingly.

A user can borrow more if he maintains a healthy repayment history. AI further helps improve customer life cycle by personalising the experience for every individual.

4. Genext Students

An edu-tech startup, Genext Students helps provide effective pedagogy and delivers educational content to students on time, both online and offline.

AI is also transforming the educational sector, and that is what Genext Students uses to enhance the individualised learning experience.

Their algorithm machines help students connect with apt tutors with ease.

5. Truebil

An omni channel platform in used car space, Truebil has AI-powered chatbots to provide detailed information about a car as well as the inventory to the customer.

Moreover, by conversing with them, the online platform can also gather information about the potential customers in a progressive way. This results in a much higher conversion rate than traditional forms and also ensures improved customer service. (ANI)