Healthureum announces Blockchain-based ecosystem to administer medical care

ANI | Updated: Jan 13, 2018 15:28 IST

New Delhi [India], Jan 13 (ANI): Estonia-based health-focused startup Healthureum on Saturday announced a Blockchain-based 360-degree ecosystem for administering medical care in a reliable and accurate manner.

With the help of Blockchain, it will be easier to track the transaction nodes between the key participants like drug manufacturers, wholesalers, pharmacists, and medical representatives, thus securing the product information, combating the problem of counterfeit drugs, and contributing to overall drug traceability on the smooth road.

Healthureum's platform is designed on the Ethereum-based blockchain using smart contract technology to significantly improve efficiency and interoperability of healthcare services. Blockchain technology will help connect all hospitals on a global scale, thereby improving the rate at which information is shared between these institutions.

"India is one of the key markets for us and we will soon be launching token generation event, and will also announce new partnership and collaboration with various Indian health care professionals and stakeholders, respectively. Through blockchain, we can achieve decentralised healthcare, closing the gap between services: through transparency, security, and most importantly accountability," a spokesperson from Healthureum said.

Similar to Bitcoin and Ethreum, Healthureum is offering its own token HHEM for consumers, institutions and businesses to pay for the Healthureum services. This will allow token holders world-class infrastructure such as data transparency (patients will have full consolidation of their data accessible at any time) and real-time medical data in an instant. Patients will be able to receive video consultations for faster diagnosis from a certified consultant, with a quick and safe payment system. (ANI)