Japanese technology brings new life to online singing and virtual games

ANI | Updated: Oct 17, 2017 17:00 IST

Tokyo [Japan], Oct. 17:(ANI): Karaoke Box is a place where an amateur singer sings along with recorded music by using a microphone.

The trend is gaining popularity in Japan as many such places are mushrooming across the country.

Takayuki Suzuki, Manager, Daiichikosho Co. Ltd., said, "After office hours in the evening, people come and sing here. We also offer food and drinks to them. It is the busiest time for our stores. Japanese karaoke has substantial content, including precision scoring and we would want everyone to experience it. Using a Karaoke box for work during the day on weekdays is easily affordable. We offer rental equipment for business needs such as Wi-Fi communications."

Daiichikosho, which runs Karaoke box all over Japan, wants to expand the idea of Karaoke box to incorporate a business environment where office workers can use for work.

NTT Communications is providing IT solutions to the company.

Makoto Yoshida, Senior Manager, NTT Communication Corporation, "We have been providing systems and mechanisms for Karaoke to Daiichikosho Co., Ltd. We still have to supply the necessary technical support, including Wi-Fi communications. When doing business on the road, for we work at a third-party working space, without having to return to the office, we can make more effective use of our time. If we work in a karaoke room of Big Echo, which is in front of every train station, with high security private environment, we can work more at ease."

Not only singing, the popularity of virtual reality, augmented reality and mixed reality games create a new enjoyment for video game enthusiasts.

At present, many virtual reality experiences provide video and sound using a VR head mount display and headphones. Gamers can experience a virtual world that does not even exist in front of them.

But this one, from the cartridge mounted underneath the head mount display, coupled with the content of virtual reality, an external odor is discharged by a small fan, making the virtual reality experience more realistic.

Naoya Kashima, Producer, Business Division X, Square Enix Co., Ltd., "We can interact with the characters more in this way. By rubbing the head like this, the speed of rubbing will make the character respond as happy or angry. Now, we are using the device that generates an odor. We can generate an aroma close to the character and depending on the pace of rubbing the character will smell a pleasant odor. This enables us to enjoy viewing from various angles through touch and smell."

Experience beyond Reality, in addition to the debut of devices corresponding to touch and smell, increases the interaction between the player and character and provides the feeling and thrill of actually being there.

This attraction combines the latest robotics and virtual reality.

The player boards the attraction and the robotics controller operates based on the video signal transmitted by the virtual reality content.

The player can experience gravity and acceleration at the same time as if actually driving and jumping.

Thus, the player can experience the full effects of virtual reality.

A visitor from Germany said, "It's my first time (to experience VR), it feels crazy! because you can see around, and the water freeze above you, when you look up, like. Ahh. (scream)."

The new technology brings surprises to game players. (ANI)