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'Momo is dead’, says creator of sick sculpture behind viral social media game

ANI | Updated: Mar 04, 2019 19:29 IST

Tokyo [Japan], March 4 (ANI): Creator of the freakish Mother Bird announced that the artwork has been destroyed after it rotted away. The horror artwork was associated with a viral social media game that was allegedly linked with a number of teen suicides.
Although the creation was ‘never meant to last’, sculptor Keisuke Aiso, 43, said that he felt responsible for terrifying children after his work was used by malicious scammers in the so-called 'Momo Challenge,' The Sun reported.
Mother Bird was made out of rubber and natural oils, showcasing a freakish face of a woman with huge bulgy eyes and a large mouth.
Keisuke said that parents can now reassure their children that Momo is dead and that with it, the curse is also gone.
The ghoulish figure was used on social media to issue horrific threats, induce curiosity among children and challenge them to carry out tasks, with some including self-harm. (ANI)