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Netflix: Please don't do the Bird Box Challenge

ANI | Updated: Jan 03, 2019 12:49 IST

California [United States], January 3 (ANI): Fascination with a new show or movie is not something new but taking it to the next level has become recently preposterous thanks to social media viral trends. The latest to take away people's sanity is Netflix's horror concept movie called Bird Box, starring Sandra Bullock.
A meme challenge is doing the rounds of the internet where people are choosing to put blindfolds on and navigate the world just like the characters of the movie, prompting Netflix to issue a warning against the weird trend.
In a tweet, Netflix urged users to not do the #BirdBoxChallenge and hurt themselves. People are recording themselves blindfolded and attempting to do complete tasks inspired from the movie.
Netflix recently announced that over 45 million accounts streamed Bird Box, a new record for the best-ever week for a film by the streaming service. (ANI)