Andy Rubin
Andy Rubin

Phone or remote control? Andy Rubin teases unusual 'Project Gem' device

ANI | Updated: Oct 09, 2019 23:10 IST

California [USA], October 9 (ANI): Android co-founder Andy Rubin is back with a new device that is unusual on many fronts, including its form factor which appears to be a cross between a phone and a smart TV remote control.
Rubin tweeted a series of photos and a short video of the device, under the hashtag 'Project Gem'. The ex-Googler wrote that the device is to reframe users' perspective on mobile, and is in early testing.
The photos showcase an unusually tall, but slim device with a new UI that complements its form. Rubin wrote that the device is crafted with GEM Colorshift material that appears to change colour with light. (ANI)