Skrillex, Image courtesy: Instagram
Skrillex, Image courtesy: Instagram

Play Skrillex to prevent mosquito bites, new study reveals

ANI | Updated: Apr 03, 2019 23:02 IST

Amsterdam [Netherlands], April 3 (ANI): Hot and humid summer days are ahead and the weather is perfect for the good, old blood-sucking mosquitoes to unleash themselves and make lives even more miserable. But if you want to protect yourself from the pesky monsters, ditch the traditional repellents and turn up the dubstep music.
A new study published in Acta Tropica found that playing dubstep music, particularly Scary Monsters, and Nice Sprites by Skrillex, reduced mosquito attacks, Cnet reports.
The study examined the effects of electronic music on foraging, host attack and sexual activities of the dengue vector Aedes aegypti. It was found that the female Aedes aegypti bit less when Skrillex was playing.
Researchers explain that sound is crucial for reproduction, survival, and population maintenance for many animals, including mosquitoes. The study can help in developing music-based personal protective measures against Aedes-borne diseases.
The next time you head out late in the dark or hosting an outdoor party, you know exactly what to tell the DJ to play for the night. (ANI)