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Researchers build 'cathartic robots' you can beat to take out your frustration

ANI | Updated: May 07, 2019 23:16 IST

Glasgow [United Kingdom], May 7 (ANI): Robots can be intimidating or friendly, depending on the purpose they serve. However, a team of researchers has built technology which goes next level and can take a beating when you are upset.
Catharsis takes place when one feels purged out of the emotions which overwhelmed them. As explained on IEEE Spectrum, to help one take out their negative emotions, researchers have built cathartic objects including a rag-doll-like robotic device prototype that encourages expressing emotional state physically.
One can smash or hit the doll which laughs in an irritating manner, to further aggravate you and help you feel better at the end. There are other objects that respond to poking or verbal abuse. (ANI)