Anup Gosavi, Co-founder of Spext
Anup Gosavi, Co-founder of Spext

Spext launches audio video editor in India

ANI | Updated: Oct 05, 2018 16:44 IST

Bengaluru (Karnataka) [India], Oct 05 (NewsVoir): In a bid to revolutionise media and other industries dealing with voice data, Spext, an AI-powered service, launched a voice editor platform. The video editor has been specifically customised for recorded voice content such as interviews, lectures, webinars, and podcasts.
The newly launched voice editor by Spext, a SaaS platform that helps you to search, edit, transform and share voice audio, will help unlock the voice information across industries and cut through the hassle of figuring out speech amidst background noises. As soon as the audio file is uploaded on the platform, it is converted to text and spoken words are accurately aligned the text.
Another feature of the voice editor is that when one deletes a portion of the transcript, the corresponding media gets automatically cut. The technology will help save time and labour, and multiply the productivity of businesses dealing with audio data.
"We are fundamentally reimagining how media gets produced in this AI era. Traditionally, it takes a person 6-7 hours to edit and transcribe 1 hour of media because people have to use complex music and movie editing software to do simple things like editing or creating clips. With Spext, you can do it in under 2 hrs and that too at one-tenth of the cost. Spext has been designed as a new-gen tool for the fast-evolving needs of a new-gen business," said Ashutosh Trivedi, Co-founder and CTO of Spext.
The demand for voice content, both in audio and video, has been booming in the past 5 years. With voice assistants like Alexa in homes and on different apps, this demand is expected to exponentially rise in the next 5 years.
"In mid-1400s, the printing press revolutionized how text media was produced. Creating text content at scale was finally possible to meet the demand. Similarly, Spext will make it easy for anyone and everyone to create voice media and keep up with the demand for voice content. Spext brings a revolutionary change in this scenario," said Anup Gosavi, Co-founder of Spext.
Highlighting the cost-effectiveness of the platform, Gosavi said that while conventionally the businesses have been hiring additional employees for transcriptions, now with Spext, they can do it with a nominal subscription fee.
"The dream is to write text in a document and have the output in your voice. There are security measures we will take to ensure that the output is in your voice only," he added.
Synthesised speech is yet another area where Spext offers crucial services. The benefits of the same not only helps content creators but have much broader applications in personalized advertising and vernacular languages.
While the one-of-its-kind platform currently supports only Hindi and Indian accented English, support for Marathi, Tamil and Telugu is coming in the next 6 months. "Local Indian languages are a huge opportunity and supporting more languages is a top priority," added Gosavi.
The vision behind this is to make the media more intelligent, more personal and ready for voice commands. "In media, we have traditionally been thinking about speech and text as two completely different areas. If you fuse them together as a single thing, you can create something entirely new - media with a lot of context and intelligence. Personalised media is the future. Spext Voice Editor is just the first step," said Trivedi. (NewsVoir)