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Students recreate horrific atomic bombings of Hiroshima using VR technology

ANI | Updated: Aug 07, 2018 15:41 IST

Hiroshima [Japan], August 7 (ANI): One of the most painful histories of the human civilization is the 1945 atomic attack carried out by the United States on the city of Hiroshima, Japan, which killed around 140,000 people and left scars in the memories of uncountable others till date.
73 years later, a group of students at the Fukuyama Technical High School has attempted to recreate the spine-chilling World War II episode using Virtual Reality (VR) technology, Time reported.
The students took two years to create a five-minute VR experience in which loud blasts are heard, buildings are destroyed, and smoke is seen under dark skies. They have also repainted the city as it was years ago by referring to old photos and talking to survivors. (ANI)