Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift used facial recognition at a concert to track stalkers

ANI | Updated: Dec 13, 2018 12:52 IST

California [United States], December 13 (ANI): Handling problematic fans can get challenging and Taylor Swift reportedly took help from the new-age facial recognition technology to keep a tab on her stalkers.
At the popular singer's Rose Bowl concert in May, a kiosk was set up where the star's rehearsal clips were being played.
Little did the onlookers know that a facial recognition camera was hiding behind the kiosk's screen that took images for a cross-check with a database of Swift's known list of stalkers at a Nashville-based command post, Mashable reported.
Given the singer's history with stalkers breaking into her house or sending death threats, it is understandable that she would go lengths in ensuring her own safety.
However, it is nonetheless quite unnerving to have one's pictures clicked without knowledge over the possibility of being a stalker. (ANI)