TeenSafe app
TeenSafe app

TeenSafe app exposes thousands of Apple accounts

ANI | Updated: May 21, 2018 13:39 IST

California [United States], May 21 (ANI): In a latest user data breach, a teen tracking app has been found violating user safety by putting at risk account details of its owners, including kids.
Called TeenSafe, the mobile app allows parents to track teens' locations and text messaging habits.
Now, a security researcher Robert Wiggins discovered that the way the app works is flawed and it has left data of thousands of accounts exposed on two Amazon servers, Engadget reported.
The compromised data includes not only the Apple ID email addresses and passwords of the kids but also the email addresses of the parents.
By the architecture of its working, the TeenSafe app is flawed. A user is required to turn off Apple's two-factor authentication on an iOS device for the app to work. This makes it vulnerable to unauthorised access.
For now, the app appears to have shut down the relevant server and started warning customers who might be affected. (ANI)