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Tesla's Sentry Mode helps police nab burglar

ANI | Updated: Apr 09, 2019 23:07 IST

California [USA], Apr 9 (ANI): If you own a Tesla Model 3, there are all chances in the world that someone with ill intentions will try to damage the luxury vehicle.
To help you know who scratched the exteriors or whose pet dog watered the tyres, Tesla introduced Sentry Mode, which proved quite useful in a recent case.
A man tried to break into a Tesla but his plans were foiled because the Sentry Mode alerted owner Jed Franklin who informed the police about the crime, Mashable reported.
The Sentry Mode allowed the police to see the video of 21-year-old Jeremiah Jefferson who broke into a backseat window of the Tesla parked in San Francisco.
The feature, introduced in February, is similar to a home alarm. Once triggered, it goes into Standby mode and uses the car’s external cameras to detect threats.
If it detects someone breaking in, it goes into an Alarm state, increasing the brightness on the display and music on maximum volume. In all cases of threat detection, a message to the owner will be flashed. (ANI)