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This is a USD 1,000 laundry-folding robot you don't need

ANI | Updated: Jan 07, 2019 12:46 IST

Los Angeles [United States], January 7 (ANI): In addition to being a show for new innovation, CES could also turn out to be a place for technology you perhaps don't need, such as this USD 1,000 laundry folding robot.
This year, FoldiMate showcased a fully-functional prototype of the concept machine which is expected to be available by the end of the year, Mashable reported.
Like a printer, you have to feed clothes into the FoldiMate's robotic arms which gives out neatly folded garment a few seconds later. Sounds easy, but it is not. While feeding, one needs to ensure the clothing is centered, and turned the right way.
Also, the FoldiMate is about the size of a small washing machine, which makes it pretty futile to have it in households with smaller spaces. (ANI)