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This robot can automatically sort recyclable materials by just touching them

ANI | Updated: Apr 12, 2019 23:24 IST

Massachusetts [USA], Apr 12 (ANI): Even as there are global standards of keeping recyclable and non-recyclable waste separate, waste handlers spend a lot of time sorting the pile of waste to ensure the right material is sent for recycling.
Now, MIT researchers have invented a robot in order to cut down on the time consumed in sorting.
Called RoCycle, the robotic system is capable of automatically identifying and sorting recyclable materials using pressure sensors, Mashable reported.
The sensors identify the materials based on the amount of pressure exerted on them.
There are chances of human error when it comes to identifying materials, however, RoCycle is able to differentiate between paper, metal, and plastic with 85 percent accuracy just by touching them.
After identifying the material, it automatically drops them in the right bin.