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Your genes may be able to explain your low pay check

ANI | Updated: Apr 12, 2019 23:49 IST

London [United Kingdom], Apr 12 (ANI): Many secrets associated with your existence, your potential vulnerability to certain diseases, your family history are locked in your genes. But did you know, studying your genes could also provide an insight into your income?
The UK Biobank, which is the single largest public genetic repository in the world, has samples of genetic blueprints of half a million Britishers for scientific study.
A statistical geneticist at the University of Edinburgh sifted through this data not to find cancer cure but to know why some people make money than others, Wired reported.
The researcher asked 286,000 participants on their household income and analysed 18 million places in the genome to see which ones matched up with higher paychecks.
They were able to uncover about 30, 7.4 per cent, of household income variation across the UK. This basically means, 92.6 per cent of a person’s income is explained by factors other than genetics. So does it mean your genes are completely responsible for the high or low income? Probably not. (ANI)