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'Pokemon Go' 0.31.0 update released for Android

| Updated: Jul 31, 2016 22:03 IST

New Delhi, July 31 (ANI): Niantic Inc. has rolled out a major update for the immensely popular Pokemon Go, the augmented reality game, bringing in new features to the game and a slight change to its user interface, weeks after it was released for iOS and Android platforms. However, the update has only been released for Android users. The new updates allow the users to re-customise their characters, which were previously allowed only at the start of the game, paving the way for added personalisation. One of the longstanding glitches that caused harrowing experience for the Pokemon lovers was 'nearby' Pokemon suggestions, which were shown to be three steps away from the user no matter how much they walked, the developers have tried to redress the problem by doing away with the footstep counter from the nearby menu altogether. Niantic has also changed the font inside the character menus, making the character's combat power and names easier to read. The company has also improved the apps memory issues to make the game load faster. (ANI)